Traditional Pillows Vs. Buckwheat Pillows – 18 Reasons To Switch

Are you on the search for a brand new pillow? Are you tired of how bad your old pillow makes you feel? Are you fed up with not getting a good night’s sleep? Did you know that most people are sleeping on a pillow that is not only uncomfortable but is doing their bodies harm? Yes it’s true. Pillows on the market today are causing people problems, not just discomfort but real medical problems. Fortunately there is a better choice than those traditional pillows. Organic buckwheat hull pillows are the best pillow that money can buy. There are many benefits to these pillows and you will be surprised at just how well you rest on them. Your body will thank you as you will get a more fitful sleep as well as become healthier.

Reasons Why Traditional Pillows are Bad


A traditional pillow is bad for many different reasons. Here are some of the reasons why you need to get rid of your pillow.

Neck problems. A traditional pillow can cause a multitude of posture problems and can leave you with severe neck issues.

Allergies. Allergies can settle within your pillow which can cause an allergy attack. You may also be allergic to the material that is in the pillow.

Price. Pillows have a tendency to get flat and need to be replaced frequently. This can have you wasting money every month or so.

Chemicals. Many pillows are laden with chemical filling. This can cause allergy problems, breathing problems and in some studies, cancer.

Instead of relying on a traditional pillow, consider getting a buckwheat hull pillow. It will give you much needed relief and help you get healthier.

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Are You Using the Right Size Pillow?


Getting a good night’s sleep is important if you want to stay healthy and happy. Buckwheat pillows provide a lot more support than standard pillows. However, in order to benefit from the additional support and comfort that these pillows provide, you need to ensure you are choosing the right size. Everyone is different and what one person finds comfortable, another might not.

The sizes and types of pillow that’ll give you the best night’s rest depend on a wide range of personal preferences:

  • How do you sleep? Stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers are going to require different sizes and types of pillows.
  • What kind of fill do you prefer? Synthetic fills and down-filled pillows are going typically softer pillows than the firmer memory foam pillow.
  • How soft is your bed? What kind of bed size do you have? A standard pillow might be too small for California king beds while a firmer pillow might not work if you like softer beds.
  • What are you using your pillow for?
    • Do you read in bed? You may want to consider a reading pillow.
    • Do you need lumbar support?
    • Do you want to make your bed or sofa pretty with decorative pillows and pillow shams when you’re not in bed?
    • Considering a travel pillow?

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Buckwheat vs Microbead Pillows – Which is Better?

Sleep is a basic need for everyone, but did you know that the pillow you are using can affect the quality of sleep you get? It’s important to know the type of pillow that best suits your needs. Pillows are not just items used in supporting the head when sleeping. You need to determine to know the best pillows that are suited for your sleeping needs to get quality sleep.

Before we dive into the information about these pillows, keep in mind that no specific pillow can work or suit everyone. That is why options are provided. Most of the options available today for pillows are characterized by its type of fill. Each one of these offers advantages as well as disadvantages.

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Japanese Buckwheat Pillow Origins

Around 600 years ago, the Japanese discovered amazing benefits of using buckwheat hull also called sobakawa in their bedding, then they started using it in pillows (Makura).


Many people want to know “What is Buckwheat?” Buckwheat is not a type of grain like wheat. It is a fruit whose closest relative is known as rhubarb. It is similar to a sunflower seed, which has a hard outer shell known as hull that protects the buckwheat seed. Buckwheat is one of the ancient crops which has an important role in the history of mankind.

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Buckwheat Hull Pillow Alternatives

Buckwheat hull pillows is one of the best pillows for side sleepers, neck and back pain suffers, and aching muscles. Organic buckwheat hulls pillows is the premium choice in pillows, because it provides a good night’s rest without the tossing and turning. If you are looking for alternatives to buckwheat hull pillows, then a list of eco-friendly pillow choices can help you choose.

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Benefits of Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillows


Buckwheat hull pillows have been used for centuries in Japan and many Asian countries. Buckwheat is a fruit (fagopyrum esculentum), not a grain wheat. The hulls of the buckwheat are the husks that protect the buckwheat seed from the elements of Mother Nature. There is a very intricate process that goes into the de-hulling process. The buckwheat has three sides. Removing the seed from the shell should end up in two pieces. One piece should be one sided, and the other side of the seed should be two sided.

The two sided shell are called fluffy one, which adds for the best cushioning. We use the two sided shell with our organic buckwheat pillows, so our customer’s get quality and comfortable buckwheat hull pillows. All of our organic buckwheat hull pillows are 100% natural buckwheat hulls.

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What are Buckwheat Hulls?


Buckwheat is a seed. It is not a grain nor is it related to wheat. Buckwheat was first cultivated in Southeastern China many centuries ago. Buckwheat was planted as early as five thousand years ago. It was used as a major food source for the inhabitants. Buckwheat was an excellent source of protein and nutrients. The largest producers of buckwheat is in China, and nearly 25,000 acres of buckwheat is grown in the United States.

Today, buckwheat is a plant that is cultivated annually as a short season crop. The plant bears pink or white clusters. The buckwheat plant can reach as tall as forty five to sixty centimeters in height. The buckwheat seeds has three sides, which is pyramidal in shape. The seeds are a brown to gray color, and the outer hull is thick. There is a kernel inside the seed, which is a creamy white color, and has a nutty taste and flavor.

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