Buckwheat Hull Pillow Alternatives

Buckwheat hull pillows is one of the best pillows for side sleepers, neck and back pain suffers, and aching muscles. Organic buckwheat hulls pillows is the premium choice in pillows, because it provides a good night’s rest without the tossing and turning. If you are looking for alternatives to buckwheat hull pillows, then a list of eco-friendly pillow choices can help you choose.

Eco-Friendly Buckwheat Hull Pillow Alternatives:

Millet Pillows:


An excellent alternative pillow would be the millet filled pillows. The millet is similar to the buckwheat hull as it is a seed. Millet is an ancient grain. It has been dated back as far as the biblical times as a food. Millet is easily grown without any aid from chemicals. It is gluten-free, and highly nutritious. Millet is high in Silicic acid. Silicic acid is the second most prevalent element on Earth. Oxygen is the first prevalent element on Earth. Silicic acid has been proven to provide many health benefits.

Millet hull pillows are the best alternative to buckwheat hull pillows. Millet hull pillows provide a soft contoured support. The millet hull pillows keeps a sleeper cool in the summer and warm in the winter, because air can easily circulate through the hulls. Millet hulls naturally resist insects while they are growing, so millet hull pillows are free from dust mite, and resist mold and mildew. The millet hull pillows are hypo-allergenic, and are excellent in reliving tension, muscles, and relieving pain.

Wool Pillows:


Wool pillows are another excellent alternative to organic buckwheat hull pillows. Wool pillows have been used for over twelve thousand years, because of the comfort that it can provide. When people think of wool pillows they think of a hot, itchy material, but wool pillows actually provide the perfect controlled temperature for a sleeping environment. Wool regulates the body’s temperature, no matter what the season. Wool effectively keeps you cooler during the summer nights, because it has a natural moisture wicking property that keeps the body from overheating, and in the winter it produces warms. Wool pillows are perfect for sleepers that deal with night sweats.

Wool pillows are hypo-allergenic. Wool resist bacteria, mold, mildew, and resist bacteria. Wool pillows are an excellent choice for asthma suffers. Wool pillows are soft and soothing, and they are perfect for people who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and muscle aches.

Natural Latex Rubber Pillows:


Natural latex rubber pillows are another excellent alternative option for buckwheat hull pillows. Natural latex rubber pillows are 100% natural latex that is a perfect option for support. Genuine latex is a natural product that comes from Hevea brasiliensis rubber trees. These trees are harvested primarily for their sap, which is the liquid that is called latex. Natural latex rubber pillows is dust and anti-microbial resistant. The natural latex rubber pillow allows air circulation, which is excellent in the summer months, as the pillow stays cooler. There are small ventilation holes put into the natural latex rubber pillows to promote air circulation.

The Natural latex rubber pillow doesn’t lose its shape. It won’t flatten out from the weight of your head, but the pillow offers support and cushioning. The natural latex rubber pillow are dust resistant, and can be hand washed if they do happen to become dusty or dirty. The natural latex rubber pillow has a lifespan of only three years, unlike the organic buckwheat hull pillows can last ten years or longer.

Kapok Pillows:


The kapok pillow is an all-natural pillow that is a great alternative to organic buckwheat hull pillows. Kapok is a soft fiber that comes from the Kapok tree. The Kapok tree is found in the Southern Pacific countries of Indonesia and Thailand. The fiber is soft and silky which makes it perfect for pillows. Kapok pillows are 100% natural, are eight times lighter than cotton, and excellent for back and neck support. The kapok pillows don’t compress, instead offering a supportive and soft feel. Kapok pillows are hypo-allergenic. The kapok is grown, then processed without the use of any chemicals.

Kapok pillows are also water resistant. An all-natural kapok pillow shouldn’t have bleached or chemically treated kapok. One benefit of the kapok pillows is the pillow can be scrunched up or shaped to the sleepers liking. The pillow loft is easily customizable with the additional or removal of kapok fill.

Duck Down Pillows:


Duck down pillows are made from all-natural duck feathers. Duck down pillows are an alternative to buckwheat hull pillows, because they are great pillows for side sleepers. The duck feathers are smaller, which provides a soft feeling. The duck feathers compresses easy, and are very comfortable. The duck down pillows need to be cared for carefully, and a special pillow case is recommended, so the feathers doesn’t absorb natural oils from the body.

Duck down pillows have to be shaped and plumbed regularly, because the feathers are easily compressed and lose their shape. The duck down pillows are affordable, which is perfect for those looking for an alternative to the buckwheat hulls pillow.

There are many different alternatives to organic buckwheat hull pillows. All of these choices are eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic pillows. Each one of the pillows have features and benefits that can provide a good night’s sleep for the sleeper. Each pillow can range in price, so even someone on a budget can afford a good pillow that provides an excellent sleep.


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