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My name is Bernard and I’ve been sleeping on buckwheat hull pillows for the last 5 years. I’ve used my buckwheat hull pillow while sleeping in my car, on a hiking pad at Burning Man, in offices, and at home (and had the best sleeps of my life). Buckwheat hull pillows have provided me with the soundest sleep at night because the pillow doesn’t overheat!

If you’re interested in other projects I’m working on, feel free to check out

  • Clearscope¬†– remove the guesswork from content performance.
  • TwitchMetrics – get viewership data on the top Twitch streamers and games.


Also,¬†organic buckwheat husks give my neck excellent support that’s not too firm but not too soft either. The pillow can be a little heavy if you choose to travel with it but I believe it’s worth it!

I started this business out of my apartment in San Francisco because I believe that buckwheat hull pillows are the best pillows on earth. If you are not satisfied with your purchase from Buckwheat Hull Pillows, I will refund you your money.

Our mailing address is:

Buckwheat Hull Pillows

1595 Clay St

San Francisco, CA 94109

and you can reach me via email at snapsolve[at]gmail.com.

PS. Here’s a video of me sleeping in a kitchen, on a hiking pad, with a buckwheat hull pillow, working on another startup (marketplace for home bakers).

10 comments on “About This Website
  1. Joe Lee says:

    Hi Bernard,

    I just placed an order for one of your buckwheat hull pillows! Looking forward to relieving my neck pain.

    – Joe

  2. bernard says:

    Thanks, Joe!

    I just shipped out your order and emailed you the tracking information – you should receive it on Monday (12/1/14).


  3. Leslie Mason says:


  4. bernard says:

    Thanks, Leslie!

    I’ve received your order and will ship it out tomorrow (Monday). You should receive it by Wednesday (12/3/14).

  5. Alex Kwon says:

    Just placed an order.

    • bernard says:

      Thanks Alex!

      I’ve received your order and will ship it out tomorrow. You should receive it by Friday (12/5).

  6. david says:


  7. Rachel Sing says:

    just got one for my bf, looking forwadr to it!

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